• What is SEO link building?

    The process in which external pages (links from other websites) direct or link to a page on your own website is called link building. This is only one of the techniques used in search engine optimization. Link building is an arduous process that need to be strategized and executed properly as not all external links are created equal. Each link from another website has a different impact on your web page. Some websites are more authoritative and credible than others, which is why links to your web page coming from these sites have greater positive impact than newly established websites.


    Different Methods of Link Building


    In order to generate links from other websites, several methods can be implemented including the following:


    • Creation of unique and relevant content- The content you produce must be something of interest to the readers and other websites.
    • Promotion of created content- This seo link building method focuses on the relevance and uniqueness of the content. The content must be strong enough to compel other websites to refer and link to it in their website.
    • Submission of content- Submitting your content to directories will help you gain more external linking.
    • Reviews and Mentions in blogs- Influential bloggers may refer and link to your web page in their reviews.
    • Social Circle Linking- Why not make use of your own familial and work circle? They can help in generating external links for your web page.


    Note that a huge part of link building is working an extended amount of time to generate high quality content and developing links. Several resources are necessitated in this process. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that link building is one of the many aspects in SEO that you do not have full control with. It depends on external forces, which is why you do not have sole control over the quality of the links you get.

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